Tidy Up Tottenham Manifesto

Our Mission:

  • 1. To campaign and lobby in a variety of positive ways to ensure our members' voices are heard and thereby to motivate tangible action on the subject of fly-tipping and littering.

  • 2. To assist Haringey Council & its sub-contractors to resolve the issue of littering & fly-tipping in Tottenham by raising awareness through social media and community engagement.

  • 3. To educate our communities further on the benefits of recycling and proper waste disposal within Tottenham. "Prevent before the event"

  • 4. To enable the Enforcement team at Haringey Council to take action under the Environmental Protection Act (1990), against known offenders, by reporting incidences of fly-tipping / littering and collecting & sharing relevant evidence, where proper and appropriate.

  • 5. To collaborate with other groups such as neighbourhood watch associations, park friends schemes and other local campaigns to push a common agenda.

  • 6. To build a better Tottenham for ALL communities, both present & future, to live, love and enjoy.

Tidy Up Tips & Code of Conduct:

  • REPORTING - when reporting / posting about an incident of fly-tipping in your area, include the location, date and time and any relevant information. Please also tag #veolia #tidyuptottenham. We always encourage the use of the Haringey app but if you find posting to this FB page easier, then please do so.

  • RESPECT - please be respectful to other members - any offensive or discriminatory posts or comments will be removed. Please help us to manage this by reporting anything offensive.

  • FB PRIVACY - when engaging in discussion on the forum, please note that this is a Public Group and your posts can be read by anyone inside and outside this group.

  • DATA PROTECTION - if you do have specific evidence of an individual or an address that you suspect has engaged in fly-tipping, please do not post the names/addresses in the public forum. Please create a generic post including the details mentioned above and photos of the incident (but not of any name/address labels) and then report the sensitive data via the Haringey app and/or send it to us via email tidyuptottenham@hotmail.com and we will ensure that the relevant Enforcement team is made aware and takes action.

  • OUR PLEDGE - Tidy Up Tottenham will publish any findings/reports/feedback we get from Haringey Council, Veolia or other bodies that helps towards our common goal. We kindly remind members that this movement is run entirely by volunteer residents so whilst we will try and respond as quickly as possible to your request, it will depend on the availability of those who run the campaign. 

  • YOUR PLEDGE - we encourage all members to engage in the site in a positive manner and to help us help Tottenham. However, please bear in mind that whilst we work towards our common goal, there are sometimes two sides to a story and solutions might not be as easy and as quickly forthcoming as we would hope. We ask for your diligence, your assistance and also for your patience!​